Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crafting Up a Storm

     After being in our house for a while now, believe it or not, we don't really have any pictures up on the walls yet. I've been buying black frames when I see them on sale and looking for pictures that we may want to print and put up. In fact, yesterday at Michael's I found several frames that originally were $30 or more marked down to $2! A few were white or brown but it was worth it to spray paint them.
     I used a simple glossy black spray paint that was on sale for $2.50.

     I've got all my pictures picked out but a certain someone (ahem- Travis!) was not as speedy about it. He finally got started on it today. Just in time because I painted the frames today. It was simple; I just removed the glass and went to work.

     I spray painted them in the back yard and brought them in when they were almost dry. They look just like normal frames so far. I've never spray painted frames before, though so we'll have to see when they're on the wall.
     Also at my trip to Michael's I snatched up some raffia, flowers, and burlap. I got some foam pipe insulators and masking tape at Fred Meyers. I used the masking tape to form the foam into the ring of a wreath. Then I covered it with raffia, using hot glue to secure it. I had to go around twice to keep the foam from showing. Then I cut four pieces of the brown burlap and glued them on in a cross shape. Next came the flowers. I chose a large orange flower (reminded me of Fall) and some light orange berries and attached them on the wreath. I used the string that came with the wrapped burlap to hang it from a screw that has been in our front door since we moved in. I would never advise anyone to put a screw in your front door! They have great wreath hangers you can buy, even clear ones. I went ahead and used it since it was already there, though. Excuse the picture, I took it after dark tonight but you get the idea :)

     What's next? An art project! Take a guess at what these are:

Glass pipettes! I'm going to paint then, then take the canvas I got yesterday at the craft store, paint it,  and stick the pipettes on the canvas. I think it will be super neat looking. I will post it when it's done and try to take pictures along the way. Tomorrow I start my three shifts, though. Soon my pretties!


Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I coooommmee!

Kansas City, Part I

     A couple weeks ago I was able to make it back to Kansas City to be a bridesmaid in my friend and former co-worker, Jordan's wedding. I also managed to convince my parents and my friend Dana to drive the 4ish hours to come see me, too! It was a blast!
     I flew out on Thursday afternoon after getting off that morning and not sleeping. Ouch! I worked my usual 12 hour shifts at the hospital on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. When I got off Thursday morning I booked it back home to pack, then headed toward the airport. Unfortunately, the down side to where our house is is that it's farther from the Max. Instead of walking to it like we could at our apartment, we have to take a bus to the Max. Once I made it to the Max, I was so tired that I briefly fell asleep. That left me feeling super groggy and increased my stress levels because I briefly panicked, not knowing where I was or if I had missed my stop. Ack! I breezed through security, however and managed to get some sleep on the flight. Jordan and Tiffaney were nice enough to pick me up when I got in around midnight. We were talking so much though that we went the wrong direction on the highway and ended up almost in St. Joseph (NOT Kansas City). Oops.
      That Friday was the rehearsal dinner. While we were getting ready, I was watching Jordan curl her hair and realized that I have been curling my hair wrong my entire life. What?! How is this possible?? I usually take a piece of hair, clamp the curling iron onto it, slide it down to the end and then curl it up. Jordan only slides it to about the middle of her hair and curls it while gently pulling it to the end. I tried it and it works SO much better!
     We then headed to Club 1000, where the ceremony and reception would be on Saturday. We did the rehearsal, ate Jack Stack catered dinner (no, I didn't eat the meat in case you're wondering), and learned a dance. Jordan's friend Kelly had choreographed the dance for the bridal party reception entry to Bruno Mars' song "Marry You". It was simple, cute, and fun!
     After the rehearsal, Tiffaney did my finger nails and toe nails to match hers and Jordan's. Way cheaper than a mani/pedi and probably nicer, too! This girl should seriously get paid to do nails. She had skills!


Her engagement ring

Getting ready for the rehearsal dinner

This is how boys get ready

Wait, what are we doing again?
Our verse: "Well, I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go, no one will know, oh come on, girl"

In heels! This girl is a superhero!
Soon to be married!