Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Redesigning the Laundry Room

     When you've first bought your new home, everything may seem perfect. All that space! All those rooms! You must get to decorating right away! You have to go to Lowes and buy everything right now!! Then reality sets in. Oh, wait...you have to unpack first. Ugh! And where are you going to store the vacuum? What about all those blankets and linens that don't quite fit in the hall closet? Ack!

     Our house came with a washer & dryer which was a major plus, especially since they're the newer HE models. Down side? The laundry room is pretty small. Along the left wall there is a small place for a trash can, then there's the washer & dryer with a window above them that looks out to our driveway, and last is a laundry sink (like!) that's right up against the wall. There is about 1.5-2 feet to walk, then the wall on the right side.

We currently hang clean clothes from the washer door. Nice, eh?


The tidy cats container is our compost bin

Cleaning supply storage

A consequence of no storage- stuff just gets piled up

     Not a lot of room is there?

     Pretty much as soon as we moved in we realized that something had to be done. Either we put up shelves (or something) or it's going to be a mess. Well...it's a mess. As you can see we haven't done anything to it yet. Hence, the mess.

     Here's my wishlist for the redesign:
          *Space for cleaning supplies
          *A place for clean laundry
          *Room to put dirty laundry waiting to be washed
          *Window treatments

     Is that asking too much? :)

     Possible ideas? Short shelves above the washer & dryer? Maybe a table type thing over the machines to fold clothes? I like the idea of the long, wall length shelf, too. Maybe something to hang over the door to help organize things? Some kind of collapsable drying rack?

     More to come! Have you ever remodeled a room? What pushed you to do it?

P. S. Do you like the new look?

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  1. 1) I'm digging the new look! Especially the signature at the bottom! Where did you find that??
    2) I think a long shelf/counter across the W/D would be a good folding space or place to organize stuff.
    3) Hanging bins for lightweight cleaning supplies/missing socks/etc??
    4) I have a collapsible laundry drying rack that stands on the floor. Pros: you can dry a lot on it! Inexpensive. Cons: tends to stay up rather than being put away after use. I like the idea of putting one on a wall or on a door, but I think you would have to be diligent in putting things away (unlike me!) as soon as they were dry for it to be worth getting one of them (especially the door).

    Good luck!!!