Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Have the Best Parents

     At the risk of hurting anyone's feelings, I have to put it out there: I have the best parents. Seriously, yours may be great and all but mine top the charts :)

     My mom is one of the most caring and understanding people I have ever met. My dad is a hoot, with whom I share a scary amount of traits.

     My mom and dad just left after visiting us for almost a week from St. Louis. My mom has only been to Portland once (which was probably kind of a bummer for her since I had pneumonia and felt like crap the entire time) and my dad has never been here. We had grand plans. One day we would go to the coast! One day we would go to the mountains and have delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream while lounging by the huge fireplace at some lodge and watching the glistening snow fall outside. One day we would tour downtown via public transit. Le sigh. Perfection.

     None of these things happened. The first let down was finding out that, by law, we would need tire chains to go to the coast or the mountains. We don't have tire chains and honestly, I have no clue how to put them on. I thought we could just rent a car but Travis said we would likely still have to have our own chains. Sniff. We did go to Powell's City of Books, which was really fun. I never get tired of that place. In fact, my dad, a card carrying bibliophile, wanted to go back the next day! When it came time to tour the rest of downtown however, it was pretty windy and the air had a chill in it. My parents didn't look exactly enthused about the idea of bracing themselves to look at buildings at that particular moment, so we headed home. Later in the week went to OMSI- the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry. That was a ton of fun! We saw an Omnimax movie about dolphins, toured an actual submarine, and then played with the exhibits. Pretty much every day we took a nap, which was heaven for me and gave Travis time to nurture his introverted side. That kid never takes naps. What is wrong with him? We also played Apples to Apples, which was a blast. According to my dad, lightening is just fancy electricity :) He won all three rounds!

     Yesterday it was back to the work grind. I love my job but it sure is hard to go back after several days off. It's not just having to go back to work but having to switch back to night shift that makes it harder. Oh well. Life goes on :)

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  1. Glad you guys had fun! I can't believe you have to have tire chains to go into the mountains...