Sunday, May 12, 2013

Coastal Getaway

Sometimes life gets taken over by routines. By tasks. By things that have to get done. Even though I work 3 days a week and T works from home, we have still found ourselves needing to be purposeful about spending time together. I mean real time, not just sitting on the couch "watching TV" with each of us on our respective laptops.

How do you make time for each other? We've been talking about planning fun things as well as being more spontaneous. A recent Wednesday was just what we'd been looking for. We woke up, lazed around in bed a bit, and then I found myself saying, "Why don't we go somewhere today?" T had recently found some hotels/B&B type places that he had emailed me to check out, so I asked about them. Laying there in bed we picked a place and made a reservation for that night. All we had to do was pack a few things, put out more munchies for the cats and get gas. We were set!

We made our way to Manzanita, Oregon by way of Route 30. We stopped in Astoria for lunch at the Rogue Brewery where the Idaho buffalo chips were super yummy, the rest...not as much. I was really excited to try their own brew of root beer but it was terrible! For some reason it had a very iron aftertaste. Who wants to drink something that leaves you with the taste of blood in your mouth? We wound through other little towns until we made our way to our destination of Manzanita, a town of about 600 on the Oregon coast.

We stayed at Manzanita Costal Cabins with our own hot tub and sauna, hung out on the beach, and getting our paws sticky making smores by the fire pit. Loved our time together. There's just something nice about getting away, even if it's just for a night.

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