Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our First Home Repair

There are lots of small things that we need to do to our home (add screens to some windows, put up some shelves, keep organizing, etc) but we have been able to put them on a To Do List until now. The sink in our master bath almost completely stopped draining. It was getting really gross.

We went to the store and got a sink plunger and some Drain-O. Travis tried with all his might and even used half the bottle of Drain-O but nothing happened. Then he removed the stopper, which involved unscrewing something under the sink (as opposed to the normal kind where you just unhook it). Turns out all the gunk was glued to the stopper and in the pipe right around it. We didn't have a way to get the gunk out but I had an idea- my crochet hook! Sick but functional. He pulled out a lot of nastiness and cleaned off a lot of crap out of the crannies of the stopper. Now it's flowing like a river again, thanks to my husband, the wonderful Travis!

Here's a picture of the travesty:

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