Monday, July 30, 2012

TV and The Olympics!

The 2012 Summer Olympics are here! I missed the opening ceremonies because I was working (gotta pay the bills!) but was able to catch some of them tonight.
Before today, if you turned on our TV you would see a blank screen until you either turned on the Blu Ray player or hooked up the laptop. We mostly get our TV watchin' done through Netflix that we can watch on our Blu Ray or online from shows that stream live or that we've downloaded. Today, however, I went to Best Buy and was going to get a converter box. I learned that you don't need a converter box if you have a newer, digital TV. We just needed an antennae. Did you know that those can cost $70? They have all kind of crazy technology like "omni-directional" and "amplified" that add $$ to the price. The guy working there asked where in town we lived and what kind of house we lived in. I guess if you live right by the towers you don't need one that's as strong. Also, if your house if older, like ours is, you can get a lot of interference from old wires and such. According to him. I haven't done really any other research on this.
I ended up getting one that wasn't quite the most expensive but also not nearly the cheapest. When I had the TV scan for channels, it found 26!! We got really excited that we could again watch TV for "free" (minus the cost of the stupid antennae). We didn't get all 26 channels though. About 8 or so of the wouldn't come in well, even after adjusting the device.
In the end, we decided that it would be worth it to pay $70 for the top of the line one to at least see if it gives us the other channels. Tomorrow I'll return this one and we'll try the other one. Worst case scenario, we end up buying this one again. We already know it works for the most part.
It was so great to be able to watch Olympic gymnastics again! I did gymnastics for awhile when I was younger and have always enjoyed watching it. In fact, that's how I broke both the bones in my left arm. Oops! My mom even stood in line for hours with me to get Dominique Moceanu's autograph after seeing her perform. What a mom! I think I may have Dominique Dawes's and Shannon Miller's as well. I would have to double check. It's on the Wheaties Box in my old bedroom at my parents' house.

Wow! It's late! Almost 2am already. I better get to bed. Tomorrow our neighbor is going to take us over to another neighbor's house and show us her garden. We've been hearing a lot about it so I'm excited to see it. I'm imagining something like the Secret Garden :)
Night, all!

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