Monday, April 23, 2012

Here are some of our pictures. T & I both took them (though for future reference: if it's really great, he likely did it!)

Lunch at the Black Bear Diner in Grants Pass, OR. We did not go hungry, don't worry, Mom & Dad.

They had such a cute bear outside. He's reading the Guide to Stealing Picnic Baskets.
The Grants Pass Caveman. We were terrified!

Stopping to stretch our legs, enjoying one of the many beautiful views.

Our rental was a Mazda 3 hybrid and got great gas mileage. At times, even 99.9 mpg!

Beach bums!

Ostrich driftwood- use your imagination :)

The town of Elk where we stayed is very small. Maybe 200? No cell phone service or anything. T & I think about 20 of the residents are these cattle. Adorable!
We saw lots of other creatures. Here are a few (that's an otter in the top one!)

We enjoyed some amazing views!

 We spotted Venus (who is coincidentally the goddess of love and prosperity).

We love old growth redwoods!

We drove through a tree that was over 2400 years old. Can you spot my sunburn?

One great year in the books...many more to come!

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