Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Official!

We did it! This morning we met with our realtor, Jenny and the title company representative, Ruth to sign about 200 pages of paper. I think they told us 40 separate times that we must maintain insurance on the home. I did feel slightly smug because, even though I felt like much of the whole process was in legalese mumbojumbo, our realtor AND T thought that our loan was an FHA and I knew it was a conventional. Doesn't really mean anything in the long run but I was proud that something stuck :) We ended up needing to bring less to closing that we thought, which was a nice surprise. Soooo- heart attacks were averted by all!

Then, more fun started. T went to work. I got busy switching over the utilities into our names and getting them ready to turn off at the right time at the apartment. A little after 5pm, I met Jenny at the house so she could give me the keys. She's funny. She handed me the keys and said, "Well, shall we look inside and make sure there's no hobos living in it now?" Haha! She even offered to take us for a beer after we get settled. I thought that was nice of her.

I got started looking around the house checking on what we had asked the seller to fix. Pretty much everything looked good. When T got off work he made his way over. We figured out exactly which keys went to which doors and then- all of the sudden it hit me. I got so excited and started jumping up and down and clapping- we get to live here!!! For as long as we want!! We get to raise our kids here!! We can do whatever we want to this place! For someone who, since moving to college has only ever rented, this is super exciting!

Of course, we also made a list of things that need to be done- getting rid of the cobwebs taking over the back door, reinforcing the railing at the top of the stairs, changing some light bulbs- but still, we are basking in the excitement. We will never buy our first home again. That's worth celebrating :)

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