Monday, May 7, 2012

Since We Last Spoke

My eyes are so dry and tired that they are about to jump out of their sockets so they can get some much needed rest. It is 5:25AM and I have been up all night. I work tonight so I stayed up last night so that I can sleep during the say today (ahh, the glamorous things we night-shifters do!). One thing I am stoked about once we are moved in the house is being able to actually DO things when I stay up. Since we have a 1 bedroom apartment, during the times I stay up, T is rarely more than 1 wall away. I can't do much more than sit quietly on the couch with headphones on while amusing myself on my computer. Don't get me wrong, I love Netlix, Pinterest, Hulu, Facebook, and random other sites as much as the next person but night after night? They get really old. And I'm starting to worry I'm going to get a blood clot. I would just like to be able to move around more without worrying that my light sleeper is going to wake up.  Maybe even do some yoga or something. Thankfully, once we move in to our brand new home, this will be a reality. I can roam around the entire lower level while he is blissfully unaware on the top level, dreaming peacefully. Thank God!!

Since we closed on the house on the 30th, we have been ferrying over boxes, stocking the pantry, and brain storming. We installed child latches on the cabinets to keep the cats out. Finding cat hair on pots and pans in the cupboards is NOT my idea of fun. We also have been trying out the appliances. The washer and dryer work great! They are high efficiency, front loaders. We also tried out the dish washer. I was so glad we stayed for the whole cycle because we found out that some clamp was not tightened at all and water was leaking all over under the kitchen cabinet. T easily fixed it but if I hadn't caught it we would have had a very unpleasant mess on our hands. As T said, "Jesus Jones, Terrence Murray!"

Our nice downstairs neighbor at our apartment (we are #9, she is #7) really wants our unit. She has kind of been keeping tabs on our move and saw me moving boxes the other day. Thankfully, she asked if we had moved our big stuff yet. I told her that we were looking for someone to help us, maybe a college kid or something. Someone kind of reasonably priced and that we could rent a U-Haul. She got excited and told me that she had someone in mind. She really liked the people she used and recommended them. I will be calling them today to see if they're available and cheap enough. We are hoping to get the big stuff (i.e.:furniture) moved Saturday so we can actually then sleep at the house.

Oh, on a random note- T decided he is painting the fireplace mantle black. He thinks the fireplace is just too white.

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