Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Furnishing the house

We've been looking at different thrift stores to get certain pieces of furniture for our new home. We also want some random things like new lamps and knobs and just things to make the house feel more personal.
Today, we went to Hippo Hardware. That place is so cool! Three floors of old, scavenged hardware and home implements like plumbing, locks and Victorian picture nails (like button covers but for nail heads!). Very cool but most of it is overpriced. So, we are looking at the top floor, which is very very warm and filled to the brim with sconces and floor lamps and table lamps and lamps hanging from the ceiling and piled on shelves...you get the idea. Anyway, on the floor we find these awesome, super heavy cast iron sconces. The wiring in one is completely shot and in the other is looking pretty sketchy. Like, unless you have a will written already and a hospital close by you maaaaaay not want to try to plug it in. I'm thinking we can get a deal on them since they will have to be completely rewired in order to work. But, there is no price on them, which in a store like this can be a good thing or a bad thing. So we (Travis) lug them up to the counter and ask, "How much?" The man's response? "$300 a piece." I'm pretty sure my eyebrows raised off my forehead. I reminded him they they need to be rewired. Completely. Both of them. "Okay, you want to make a deal? $225." Wow. What a bargain. I would maybe pay $225 for the pair, not a piece. I thanked them and we left. They just weren't in our budget. I also thought he may have been giving me the look. The one I SO do not appreciate. The look that says, "You can't afford to shop here." You know that look. It's the Pretty Woman look. When she's in the Rodeo Drive store and they treat her like crap but she has the fist full of money? You have no clue how much or how little money someone has. That irritates me beyond belief. Just because someone isn't dressed up or is young doesn't mean anything. Honestly, they might have even more money because they're saving it. And just because someone drives a nice car or wears a nice suite doesn't really mean anything either. They could be up to their eyeballs in debt. Just a thought. We all judge people based on how they look at times, consciously or unconsciously but the more aware of it we are, the better handle on it we can get.
That's all for now. More later!
P.S. I'm really working to convince T to make a post! It should be coming sooner or later!

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  1. New knobs is such a clever way to personalize your new home! I can't wait to get a tour this afternoon!!