Saturday, May 12, 2012

And We're In!

We slept in our new house last night!!

We have been boxing up and carrying things over from the apartment to our house the past few days. I think I have burned a crap ton of calories going up and down the stairs over and over again. Friday we loaded the cats up (Pepper went easily, Penny was NOT happy) and headed over to the house. We put them in the bathroom with the essentials plus a scratch pad, a toy, and their favorite blanket from home so they might feel more comfortable. Penny jumped out of the carrier right away but Pepper was very apprehensive and decided to stay put where he knew it was safe. Then we left to get the Budget truck & go back to the apartment to meet the movers. We were very nervous that we wouldn't have a spot that was convenient at all for them & the truck but thankfully, there was a good spot. Whew! There have been times that we have had to park a block or so away during the day and even more at night. Can you imagine lugging a couch 3 blocks up a hill? I don't think so. They would probably quit on the spot. Anyway, they got things loaded up while T packed up more in the kitchen and I swept up the massive amounts of cat hair that kept magically appearing. Then we all drove to the new house. While they unloaded, we had the terribly difficult job of telling them where to put things. This was actually a little difficult because we hadn't decided on some of the things. I was proud that we only changed our minds on 2 things. We had mentioned to the movers in passing how the seller seemed to have left in a hurry and we were looking forward to hearing all about him from the neighbors. Before they left, one of the movers, who is actually a medicine woman (remember, this is Portland) gave us advice on how to clear the old owner's energy from the house and infuse it with our own. I thought that was really nice of her. We used August Movers. I think they are by referral only so if you need movers, let me know. They were great!
Pepper & Travis say "Hello! We're tired!"

Penny says, "I've been on this chair for hours since moving in! It's my favorite!"

So, tonight as we were eating dinner at our dining room table, I was looking around at this house and just smiling. This is my house. This is my family's home. This feels right.

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