Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yes, We Got a Home Phone

Howdy, folks! It's been more than a week since my last post. Sorry about that! I know there are about a thousand of you waiting with baited breath for my next post :)

Recently, our main trial was getting phone and internet. Yes, I said phone. We have a security system in our home that uses a phone line. We found out that they can sync it with your cell phones but there are a few drawbacks: 1) The $299 piece of equipment they have to put in your house to make it work. 2) It relies on your phone being on, with you, and charged at all times. I just would rather have the land line. Plus, HEY! Free unlimited calls to Canada and Puerto Rico! Not that we know anyone there...but you's free, so maybe we'll make some friends.

After some tedious calculations (not helped by the fact that I had been up all night already), we found that the bundle of phone and internet from Comcast was the best deal in our area. There are two letters I will be writing to companies. One is Ikea (more on that later) and the other is Comcast. It took 46 minutes to sign up for the bundle and schedule my installation. Forty six minutes. Plus, they dropped my call while I was on hold. Twice. Not to mention the fact that I asked to speak with a supervisor at the end to let them know I thought this was incredibly inefficient. I was told the supervisor was on the phone with another customer. Not a problem. They asked for my contact information to call me back once he was free. Totally fine. Only guess what? I didn't ever get a call back. So...thanks?

We wanted to buy our own wireless modem as well but it had to be one that was for phone and internet. Apparently, at Best Buy the only one you can get is- SURPRISE!!- the one from Comcast. They told us that you can buy one directly from China or Japan from Amazon but we didn't have time to wait for shipping. At least at $150 it's a halfway decent price (according to the guys at Staples where we got a second opinion- Go Staples! and my Dear ole' Dad). Still more than we were wanting to spend. Plus, we had to buy a router. Ugh. This was getting more expensive than we wanted pretty fast.

Our installation contractor was great! He worked really hard and installed an outlet into the room we wanted the TV in (we use internet for our TV) and even commiserated with us about Comcast. I say thumbs up! He alao talked to us about a wireless option that the other guys hadn't told me about. Apparently, Comcast does have a wireless modem you can rent and it's the exact same price as the other one. Why didn't they tell me that? So tonight we got to return the stuff we bought from Best Buy and get our moolah back. Nice.

Next time, I can tell you about our awesome mattress and the Ikea couch debacle.

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  1. Comcast - They are terrible! had the same issue with the modem too. And prices keep going up. They sneak new fees onto your bill from time to time, so watch out. We are actually getting rid of our cable this week because they just instituted 20% spike in the cost of service, for seemingly no reason. Customer service sucks, doubt you'll ever get that call back :( PLUS, watch out for your landline dropping calls. I got rid of my cell phone plan and switched to a cheap prepaid cell phone when we realized we had a landline included in our cable/internet package. BUT it drops calls ALL THE TIME - and it's a landline!! Needless to say, we haven't gotten much help with that issue. Sorry you have to deal with them too. Look forward to hearing about the mattress/couch :)