Sunday, June 3, 2012


Aside from getting our deposit back, we are officially done with things at the apartment. We had cleaned it and turned it over on the 17th and now we have paid the closing utility bills. Feels pretty good!

Travis has been working full time lately because of some staffing issues at his store. We do not like this. He hasn't really been able to use his writing room much or do any hiking because he's been working. If you know T you know how important these things are to him. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon!

I had a great day shopping yesterday. I tried the new Watermelon Splash Fruit Refresher at Jamba Juice that's made with coconut water (with a coupon! And a free energy boost!). It was really, really good. Like their smoothies but not quite as heavy. Not that their smoothies are really all that heavy to begin with but still, it's lighter.
I finally had my engagement ring checked at the jewelers. My prongs have felt sharp for a while and I kept putting of getting it looked at. I wanted to make sure my diamond wasn't going to fall out. Turns out one prong needs to be rebuilt at some point and the tips of the others need to be balled (sp?) to smooth them out. My diamond is not in imminent danger of falling out, though, thank goodness.
Then I headed to Home Goods and found great deals on bathroom decor, kitchen towels, and sheets. Not the organic sheets we were looking for (if you have an organic mattress and pillows wouldn't it make sense to have sheets, too?) but we need some and these were a great deal (and soft, too!) At Best Buy I found a cheap home phone- nothing too exciting there- and then was looking around a bit. I can't help it. I have my grandmother's genes. That woman could spend an entire day in WalMart just looking. Guess what I found?? Season 4 of True Blood! I was super excited until I looked at the price tag. $55. I couldn't exactly justify that right now when we need things for the house. I put it back on the shelf and noticed, however, that the tag under it said $29.99. Could it be? I asked the associate, who told me that the first week it's out they have it on sale. That's right, baby. I giggled like a weirdo and snatched that DVD set up so fast he probably thought I was going to steal it.
Lastly, to wrap up my day of awesome shopping-ness: Target had curtains for our bedroom, misc items for our guests (coming the 16th!), greeting cards and popcorn from the concession area. Have you ever had their popcorn? It's almost like movie theater popcorn. Very yummy!

That's all for now. Travis is home and made butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage sauce and french bread for dinner. No way I'm missing that. :)


  1. True Blood is a show based on books by Charlaine Harris. The premise is that scientists have come up with a synthetic blood and now vampires have "come out" because they don't need to feed on people anymore. Of course some still do... Anyway, I like it :) It's sort of scary at times, suspenseful, but also funny.