Monday, April 23, 2012

One Year Anniversary

For our one year anniversary we took a road trip back to Elk Cove Inn, where we got married. Here's what happened:
Tuesday- left Portland, made it to Crescent City, CA.
Wednesday- On the road again. Saw a herd of Elk by the side of the road! An unexpected treat. Made it to Elk, CA. Just as beautiful as we remembered! Winter must have been dry though because we did notice that the greenery wasn't quite as lush. We were glad it was so amazingly vibrant when we got married last year. Our suite was just as we remembered it, beautiful hardwoods, jacuzzi tub, fireplace, massive bed, a wall of windows facing the ocean and a balcony with the same view and an awesome breeze. We read, saw a whale playing in the ocean, took pictures, and just relaxed.
Thursday- Played catch and Frisbee on the beach. Saw the otters in the fresh water stream and a deer eating dinner. T thinks he may have seen a group of brown pelicans as well but they were too high to be 100% sure, even with binoculars.
Friday- Took a day trip to Hopland, about an hour and a half East of Elk. We had enormous chocolate shakes at a local cafe, then toured the Milano winery. The wine maker, Deanna gave us a great tour and personal tasting. We were honest and told her that we don't really know anything about wine. I knew that I liked some rosé wines and some white zinfandel wines and that I usually didn't like wines that were described with words like "mossy", "leather", or "earthy". She was a great tour guide. She was very informative, personable, and developed the tasting around my feedback of the wines. We bought a bottle of Carignan, which is a red wine (up until then I had never tasted a red that I truly enjoyed!) and a blended white variety called Sunshine. We also visited the Real Goods Solar Living Center. It's a fun and educational stop where you can learn about making your home and business more sustainable. They have a tiny house on site and some neat displays but there was going to be a huge festival the very next day. Sigh. Oh, well. They also have a store, where I grabbed some aloe. Apparently, I did need sun screen after all...
Saturday- More relaxing and picture taking during sunsets. Can't beat that!
Sunday- Time to leave. Boo! Drove all the way home and made it in before midnight. The cats seemed glad to see us but weren't jumping up and down. We were glad because at that point we just wanted to sleep!

The trip was a lot of fun. It's so important to be able to spend time with your spouse without the interruptions of certain technologies (though we did have our cameras, we didn't have TV, cellphones, or computers there) every now and then. You remember why you love them :)

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